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An Announcement From The Head Of School & Board Of Trustees:

April 4, 2023
Dear MCA Community,

I write to you to announce that next year will be my final year as Head of School at Mother Caroline Academy & Education Center. I am planning on retiring in June of 2024 as I wind down my 35-year career in education and administration. I started my journey as a teacher, then Department Chair, then Principal, then Head of School and I have enjoyed working with students, faculty, and families in a variety of schools, both public and private.

The opportunity to lead MCA was the perfect ending to my career as I truly love the challenge of evening the playing field for students who are under resourced. This mission driven school has improved and matured yearly, and I was thrilled to lead the initiation of the strategic plan to become the only all girl’s, tuition free elementary and middle school in the city of Boston. I am grateful to have had such an amazing, passionate Leadership Team. I am grateful to the faculty and staff who never tire in empowering our students to become the shining stars they will be. I am thankful for the partnership of the MCA Board of Trustees over the years.

As I move to the next step in my life, I am excited to see what the future holds for MCA. We will celebrate our 30th year anniversary next year and continue to shape the lives, through education and the magic of MCA, for young women. As the school searches for and identifies a new head of school, I look forward to working together to help with the transition and continue the work of this “small but mighty” school.

Annmarie Quezada Head of School

All applicants, inquiries, nominations or recommendations may be sent to MotherCarolineHOS@storbecksearch.com

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