Future Success

The success of our philosophy and commitment to an all-girls education is evident:

  • 100% of alumnae graduate from high school
  • 98% of high school tuition costs for our students covered through scholarships
  • $717,600 offered to the class of 2023 in financial aid and scholarships for high school
  • 96% of alumnae enroll in college
  • 85% graduate from college within six years
  • At least two alumnae serve on MCAEC’s Board of Trustees in a given year
  • Our first generation of alumnae hold positions within a variety of fields including healthcare, education, finance, marketing, social services, retail, and high tech

By comparison, national education statistics for economically disadvantaged women of color show a 79% high school graduation rate, a 55% college enrollment rate, and a 12% college graduation rate.

Recent High Schools Attended by Graduates

Recent Colleges Attended by Our Graduates

Accreditation and Memberships

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