Graduate Support

The transition from middle school to high school can be extremely stressful. Mother Caroline Academy provides students and their families with the guidance and support needed to successfully move into high school and beyond.

The Graduate Support Program assists students and their families throughout every aspect of the high school application process, including the financial aid process. In guiding students through the application process, graduate support helps the student and her family identify the student’s strengths and goals in order to help her find the “best-fit” school.

High School Placement Results
Each year our 8th grade students are accepted to a variety of quality high schools, including the Boston exam schools as well as a range of parochial and private schools. A list of high schools to which our students have recently been admitted is here
Our students are highly sought by many schools, and as a result, each year, the total value of scholarships awarded by parochial and private high schools to our students is approximately $250,000 per year, or $1 million over four years. We help families work with admitting high schools to make attendance as affordable as possible.

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