Why All Girls?

By empowering girls in grades 3-8 to think bigger and bolder, we are empowering the future.

Mother Caroline Academy is the only tuition-free, all-girls independent elementary and middle school in the City of Boston. We transform the lives of girls from traditionally under resourced neighborhoods in Boston through a rigorous, values-based education.

At Mother Caroline, every peer leader and every academic award recipient is a girl. Our students can express themselves freely, ask questions, and participate more in class discussions than they might in a co-educational environment. The message our students receive is that they can excel at anything they put their minds and hearts into. They learn that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Research supports our belief in single-sex education. It suggests that girls in single-sex schools are more likely to pursue and excel at subjects they might otherwise shy away from. This indicates that more students may ultimately pursue fields that have been traditionally underrepresented by women, like careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Equally important, the all-girls school environment at Mother Caroline fosters a supportive and safe learning experience. It creates a strong sense of sisterhood and builds lifelong bonds. The absence of boys as our girls reach middle school also reduces social pressures, distractions, and anxieties, allowing students to focus more on their own academic and personal achievements as they prepare to head off to high school and beyond.

Mission Statement

Mother Caroline Academy empowers girls in grades 3-8 to think bigger, bolder, and beyond, through educational excellence, leadership development, and community stewardship in a safe space that fosters social and emotional learning. Our aim is to empower students and families to achieve generational growth and development where all can imagine a future with limitless possibilities.

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