Current Job Openings 

1. POSITION: Marketing Consultant

Description (PDF Version)

MCAEC is in a unique position to grow the school from grades 3-8 to K-8 within the next few years. In conjunction with our strategic plan, the school needs to hire a Marketing Consultant to take a deep dive into our Admissions outreach, donor outreach, current marketing techniques,
branding, and social media presence.

This position will analyze all of the school’s marketing efforts and produce a report with recommendations, strategies, and deliverables to maximize
our potential as the “only tuition free, all girls middle school in the city of Boston”.
The MCAEC Marketing Consultant is responsible for conducting a year long study to evaluate and improve the admissions, branding, social media, and Boston presence of Mother Caroline Academy and Education Center.

The marketing consultant will work closely with the Director of Development, Assistant Director of Development, and Operations/Admissions Manager.

The Marketing consultant should be able to execute the duties and responsibilities below:
● Conduct year long market research to identify school trends, competition and competitor school offerings and demographic data
● Develop a unique selling proposition, identify and research target audience (ex: recording data from campaign results to add to future reports and expansion of the school’s social media management and channels to ensure a concise and attractive picture of MCAEC)
● Liaise with creative teams to develop overall branding concepts for MCAEC graphic designs, promotional materials and advertising copies
● Discover effective marketing and promotional channels, including media platforms to be used to relay product messages to potential families , donors (individual and corporate),
and alumni.
● Investigate the performance of like schools marketing campaigns and strategies through evaluating key performance metrics
● Create innovative marketing campaigns depending on robust data and present the recommendations to MCAEC Administration
● Establish and maintain relationships with new and existing schools through networking and prospecting
● Create goals and objectives in order to approach potential families through appropriate marketing channels
● Help in outbound and inbound marketing activities by displaying expertise in certain areas such as events planning, advertising, optimization and content development
Year-end deliverables will include and are not limited to:
● Create and recommend an overall brand image for MCAEC: which includes fonts, colors, digital signatures, tag line usage in all outreach efforts both in Admissions and Development; suggest annual report styles that are appropriate for a small school
● Recommend outreach strategies and proposed goals for annual fund
● Develop an event marketing template / structure and deliverables guide
● Develop new logo design, inclusive of uniform and Mascot design
● Analyze capacity of MCAEC’s existing donor base and develop prospect and cultivation
strategies/methods for new prospects
● Audit existing marketing material and marketing channels
○ Website
○ Media channels – inclusive of print, radio, and social media
○ Brochures
○ Annual Report
○ School signage (interior and exterior)

● Degree in Marketing, Business and/or related fields
● Ability to work in an under-resourced community with both school leaders and families
● Ability to produce a one year study on all deliverables (included above)
● Experience working with urban schools
● Expertise in various social media platforms
● Knowledge of the city of Boston neighborhoods especially the ones served by MCAEC

Please send resume and three references to:
Annmarie Quezada , Head of School, aquezada@mcaec.org
Salary (Compensation) commensurate with experience.